Brienne Rose Application

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Brienne Rose
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Brienne Rose Application

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Biographical Information
Name: Brienne Rose
Age: 26
Gender: Female (Trans)
Place of Birth: Verdis Major Colony, Federation Space

Physical Information
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 178 lbs.
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Eye Color: Silver-Blue

Father: Randal Rose
Mother: Ellen Rose
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Other Family: Marshal Rose (Elder Brother), Haley Rose (Elder Sister), Amelia Rose (Elder Sister)

Physical Description
(Brienne presents fully female) Slightly overweight and out of shape, though she wears her weight fairly well and is unlikely to be described as “fat” (unless the one describing means offense). She has a general laid-back, disheveled appearance, with messy, unstyled hair, and a lazy, half-lidded gaze. She tends not to stand out physically, neither beautiful nor ugly.

Personality and Traits

General Overview: Unambitious, dreamy, Brian tends to be rather reserved, but when she opens up, she has a dry, charming wit. She doesn’t make friends easily but is generous and polite to most people that she meets, and fiercely loyal to her those she does deem friends.

Strengths: Resourceful and intelligent. Though she tends to be a bit ponderous, she is quite thorough in her work, and is capable of thinking up quite clever solutions to difficult problems. She’s not the fastest worker but she rarely makes mistakes, and is very good at catching mistakes made by others.

Weaknesses: Tends to fold under pressure and doesn’t think especially quickly on her feet. She takes failures exceptionally hard and can be extremely critical of her failings. She can be a bit overly meticulous and, at times, struggles to meet deadlines. She also lacks strong ambition and drive; she is generally happy to just tow the line.

Ambitions: Primarily just to do her job. To experience as many unique alien cultures (particularly writing and music) as possible.

Hobbies and interests: Brienne is an accomplished writer and musician, but tends to keep her creative endeavors to herself. She plays a multitude of traditional human instruments, from flute to guitar (she prefers bass) to harmonica - the latter is her favorite. She also enjoys learning new languages and speaks a dozen and is always learning something new.

Personal History
Born Brian Rose, Brienne was born and raised on a human colony on the edge of civilized space. Her great-grandparents helped found the colony and by the time Brienne was born, her family had become fairly influential in the community. Brienne’s brother, Marshal, broke from tradition and left to pursue dreams of serving in Starfleet, and Brienne, who always looked up to him, oftentimes dreamed of the same thing. However, the final decision for Brienne came when she discovered that she was transgender. Her parents, deeply traditional and rooted in more conservative values, would not support her desire to transition, so in order to live the life she wished, she left home as soon as she could and enrolled in the Academy, focusing her studies on anthropology and linguistics.

Medical History
Brienne’s medical records show nothing out of the ordinary. While her physical exam scores are on the lower end of acceptable, she is not perceived to be a threat in strenuous or dangerous situations. During her studies, Brienne applied for gender reassignment therapy, which was performed and completed by Dr. C. Manser. Her personnel files were updated per her preferred gender.

Signed, Dr. C Manser, MD. Commander, USN

Service Record
Per her latest performance reviews, Brienne Rose’s service records are passable. She shows a lack of drive and oftentimes fails to perform exceptionally under pressure, but her proctors report being especially impressed with her lateral thinking and ability to execute more academic tasks thoroughly and thoughtfully. Her academic records are fair to good, with some trouble maintaining assignment duties but performing exceptionally on tests.

She is hereby cleared to serve aboard the USS Sampson.

Signed, J. Moore, Captain, USN, Dean of Students

Writing Sample:
“I’m sorry, Brienne, I don’t know what to say,” Marshal said, projected on a display in Brienne’s room. “You know he won’t talk to me either. Which is probably for the best. I doubt he’d be super supportive of my boyfriend.”

Brienne sighed softly, slumping and propping her face up with her elbows on her desk, blowing a strand of hair out of her face. Just like Marshal had expected, Starfleet Academy had done wonders for his broth--sister’s (he kicked himself would take some getting used to) entire outlook on life. And it wasn’t just the fact that she’d finally had a chance to transition. Her father had always kept her under his thumb, always expected certain things...a certain lifestyle out of all of his children. Brian and Marshal were boys and would be expected to take over the factory. Amelia and Haley were girls and...would not. It was a regrettably backwards attitude that Marshal had recognized as being hopelessly outdated by Federation standards after living on Earth for awhile and serving aboard the USS Manchester. Brienne was starting to see that too, though she bore the burdens of a borderline emotionally and psychologically abusive upbringing, but their father was...unlikely to change.

“I don’t know why I’m even bothering,” she said, switching to lean on one arm and spinning her harmonica on the one clear patch of desk amidst her clutter--she’d been cramming for finals, but she’d hit a block on her last linguistics test and had decided to distract herself. She’d been meaning to try home one more time…

...the end result was predictable. Her father refused to answer and her youngest elder sister, Amelia, gave her the cold shoulder.

“It’s not like I ever expected to get his approval,” she went on, silvery-eyes half-liddedly watching the twirling instrument. “Waste of time and breath.”

“Look, I get it,” Marshal said with a sigh, running his hand through his hair. “Closure’s important. And it’s a really tempting fruit to reach for...but don’t forget to get the lower fruits to keep yourself alive in the meantime, Brie. Shoot for the stars but keep your feet on the ground and all that, y’know?”

She nodded and sighed a bit, shrugging. “I could use some closure on this stupid translation,” she muttered, glancing to the sheet again. “I feel like I’m getting it but I’m not quite getting it...something just seems off.”

Marshal smiled a bit again. “You’ll get it. I know you will.

She rolled her eyes.

“Look, you don’t need dad’s approval to be the person you are anymore,” he said. “You became that person, all on your own--”

“Psh, you helped,” she said with exasperated good humor.

“I showed you the way, I guess, but you had to put your feet on the path.”

“What is it with you and those corny metaphors?”

“Corny Metaphors is my middle name!” Marshal laughed faintly. “Look, I know it’s stupid and it doesn’t mean anything, but I’m super proud of you--look,” he grabbed something just off screen and held it up. It was a framed picture of the two of them, taken last time he was on leave, right after her transition treatment. It’d been the first time he’d seen her - the real her.

It’d been hilarious watching him adapt.

“I show this to everyone--” he said, setting it aside.

“Oh god, pardon me while I go crawl under my blankets and die.”

“--because I’m proud of you,” he finished with a good-natured glare. “My sister has overcome some pretty big hurdles and is making something of herself. All I had to do was show up and everyone loved me…”

Brienne rolled her eyes.

“--but you had so much to overcome. And you’ve done it. And you’re going to keep doing it, with or without Randal Fucking Rose’s approval.”

Brienne blushed faintly, looking down to the spinning harmonica and fumbling it a bit in flustered embarrassment at the praise. was enough to know that Marshal believed in her. Sometimes...that was enough.

“Look, I gotta go,” he said, reaching over and grabbing his red uniform jacket - tactics, and just starting his tour as first officer aboard the Manchester.

“...I’m proud of you too,” she said fondly. And she was. Marcus was young to be receiving such a commission, but everyone she’d heard from agreed, no matter what he said, that he’d earned it.

She glanced to her papers and nodded.

And she’d do her best to earn her way too.

If only so the only person in her life that mattered could continue to be proud.

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Brienne Rose Application

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