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Shakedown Cruise

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:55 pm
by Ryan Murphy
[Location: USS Sampson, Captain's Ready Room, Engineering]

The Captain had been reading reports when he heard his comm badge go off. He paused for a moment, he than heard the following, "Lieutenant Purdy to Captain Murphy, the dry dock crew is done and ready for you" The Captain than tapped his comm badge and replied with "On my way" With that, the Captain rose to his feet and made his way towards Engineering, he than tapped his comm badge and stated, "Lieutenant Rossi, meet me in Engineering" He made his way inside Engineering, they had plenty of shiny new things that were well beyond what the Captain understood - as long as they worked, he didn't care. He trusted people smarter than him to handle those types of things.

Once he stepped inside, he was greeted by one of them, Lieutenant Purdy. He than stated, "Show me what you have Lieutenant", the half-Vulcan was very matter of fact and he appreciated that about her, she replied with "Follow me Sir" Which the Captain did, as he was pretty hands on, but he didn't know much about this type of stuff, past knowing that when it worked, they'd go fast and kick some ass, which is quite alright in his book. The Lieutenant led him to where their new Engines were housed, than stated, "Captain, this is Commander Davis, he has been overseeing our refit"

The Commander than turned around and nodded to the Captain, he than stated, "Sir, she's ready to be taken out" The Captain pondered for a moment and said "Well, let's make preparations and than you can show me around Commander" The Commander nodded slightly, "We'll get the engines fired up and calibrated Sir, than I can show you what we have done" The Captain nodded slightly and proceeded to simply watch them work for the time being. Once the Engine's fired, he felt the Sampson lurch slightly.

Re: Shakedown Cruise

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 11:14 am
by Brienne Rose

"Yes ensign?"

"We'll be starting soon."

"Starting what?"

", uh...shakedown cruise?"

"The shakedown cr--" Brienne blinked and froze, stiffening in her seat. Her desk was a mess. She'd been making a concerted effort to brush up on her other disciplines since her promotion - chemistry was her weakest, so she'd been pouring over some of the newer texts, but she also had a pile of physics textbooks, and even some biology stacked up on the ground next to her desk. She'd even foolishly maintained the illusion that she might be able to continue her own work...

...she hadn't known how completely harebrained that idea had been until recently.

"Th-That's today?!" she suddenly cried, pulling at her already frazzled hair, the ensign quirking his brow a bit as she shoved things this way and that on her desk to find her planner and power it on...

In big letters it displayed the date along with the text SHAKEDOWN CRUISE. DO NOT FORGET

...she'd forgotten.

She'd also forgotten to sleep in the last 36 hours. But this was an interesting wake-up call and she felt her second (or was it third at this point? She'd honestly lost count) wind surging through her.

"O-Order lieutenant?" the ensign asked incredulously. There'd been whispers about this new, unfit officer...most were willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. The stories of her bravery during the attack were fairly wide-spread, but it was always a little...troubling to see her in person.

"G-General stations!" she said quickly, moving to her personal device and beginning to check over information as it was streamed to her - notes from operations, general notices from her staff...fortunately, the science crew wasn't expected to do much initially, but her crew needed to be ready, especially without a new chief medical officer in place as of yet. "Carry on with general duties for now. Make sure staff is made available to medical and operations, as before," she said. "Otherwise, be alert and keep in touch with me about anything and everything. We still don't know how the new upgrades will perform."

She'd rehearsed that, at least, so she was at least slightly prepared, but still...

The ensign nodded and saluted before moving off smartly.

She sighed and slumped back in her seat, rubbing her eyes sleepily before checking her messages.

One new message: Marshal Rose.

She sighed when she saw that her brother had gotten back to her...and hit snooze. She hoped she'd have time to get back to him.

She took a deep breath and began pulling out pertinent information and reports in order to be ready for whatever she needed to be ready for, prepared if the captain called on her...but for now, she knew her staff would be fairly low priority.

Re: Shakedown Cruise

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 3:08 am
by Ryan Murphy
[Location: USS Sampson, Engineering, Main Science]

The Captain had done his best to follow along with what the Lieutenant Commander had mentioned in regards to the updates to the Engines, to be honest, some of it was beyond him, all he knew is that it made them go faster, which the Captain did understand the advantages of. The Commander than stated, "Sir, we have to go through a break in procedure on the engines, which takes roughly twelve hours, once that is completed, you can take her out" The Captain nodded slightly to the Commander. He than stated, "Let me know when ready Commander" The man would than reply with "Aye Sir" before returning to work.

The Captain would than turn on a heel and make his exit. He had a PADD in hand as he read through a few things as he walked. He had a lot on his mind, but right now, he had a weapons bay to go check. He than tapped his comm badge "Lieutenant Hikawa, weapons bay, post haste" He than heard a simple "Aye Sir" from the female come through his comm badge maybe fifteen seconds later. He than proceeded that direction.

Re: Shakedown Cruise

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:00 am
by Brienne Rose
Brienne remained in her office, pouring through the ship schematics and upgrades that operations and the captain had made available to her. She'd also pulled up a large number of essays and books written about Gorn and Romulan civilization, psychology, culture, everything she could get her hands on. That part was interesting to her, delving into her own expertise and understanding...she even had her own thesis on the Gorn open for comparisons. She was already seeing some difficulties, even some mistruths in her writing...she'd have to write up a revised version eventually.

Re: Shakedown Cruise

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:19 am
by Michael Tritter
The Colonel had finally gotten a chance to get settled on the Sampson. It was a long trip, but there was a part of him that was excited and another part that was nervous. But the man had a cool and calm exterior that would never give it away. It was a long trip from Faltan Station, but he was more than ready. The pilot than radioed in for permission to dock and was allowed to dock on Docking Bay 3. The doors slid open and the shuttle slid inside, eventually coming to a stop. The Colonel than grabbed his bag and proceeded to step off the Shuttle once the doors opened.

Once he stepped out, he proceeded to scan the area. The Sampson was large and impressive, it would be a lot to get to used to. But he requested this assignment as he knew it was time for him to protect someone special to him and he would be damned if he was going to let something bad happen to them again. The man was tall and impressive figure, at seven feet in height and three hundred and fifty pounds, he had a command presence second to none.

His first stop for now would be to drop off his bag in his quarters before making his way to the Marine Headquarters, which was next to Main Security, most of them were on R&R for the time being, but the Colonel proceeded to simply take a tour and get his bearings, he could figure out his own way for the time being.