The Attack

Background stories and general lore information for the USS Sampson
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The Attack

Post by Ryan Murphy » Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:36 am

The Executive Officer had been stationed on the Bridge, he than heard Lieutenant Hikawa speak up, "Sir, theres a spatial dispersion coming on my scanners" The Executive Officer paused for a brief moment before he stated, "Bring us to red alert Ensign Avostro, Lieutenant Hikawa, bring our shields up and load the guns" The Betazoid replied with "Yes Sir", their long thin fingers danced across the terminal and the Klaxons sounded shortly there after. Lieutenant Hikawa than replied with, "Aye Sir, shields up, guns loaded" Her long and slim fingers made quick work of the Executive Officer's request. Had someone seen her facial expressions, she had a small grin on her face. There was something about bringing the Sampson's guns online. The Lieutenant Commander than heard his comm badge go off, it was the Commanding Officer, with the following statement, "Lieutenant Commander, what is that?"

The Lieutenant Commander replied with, "Sir, we have detected a spatial disruption and are on red alert as a precaution" The Captain than stated, "En route Lieutenant Commander" The Lieutenant Commander reply, he knew that Captain Keyes was the type who wanted to be present for anything important. Lieutenant Hikawa than spoke up with "Sir, five Gorn warships coming into our space" The Lieutenant Commander sighed internally, he kept his emotions inside, but he knew they were outgunned, even for a heavy cruiser, the Sampson was going to have their work cut out for them. The Executive Officer ordered the fighter squadron to scramble and at least attempt to distract some of the ships away from the Sampson, so they could pick them off one by one.

The ships soon materialized within missile range of the Sampson, but what was bad... The Sampson was likely within missile of the Gorn ships. The Executive Officer ordered the offensive to begin against the Gorn ships, he went after their biggest and the second biggest of the ships. Shortly thereafter, Captain Keyes had arrived, the Executive Officer saluted the Captain and the man stated, "Whats the plan currently?" The Executive Officer paused for a moment and than added, "Sir, at this point, the fighters are dispatched to lure a few of them away so we can pick them off. We are engaging two of them" The Captain nodded slightly "Excellent job Lieutenant Commander"

The Captain than stated, “Give them hell” and turned on a heel, he had complete faith in his Executive Officer. It was the Captain's way of pushing the Executive Officer to be better. All that was to happen now is for the Executive Officer to fill those shoes, and rest assured, those are big ones to fill. Come hell or high water, the Executive Officer is going to fill those shoes. Lieutenant Hikawa than stated, “Sir, their energy levels are critically low” He took a moment and than stated, “Lieutenant Hikawa, open fire”

The female replied with a calm “Aye Sir”, her fingers danced across the console as photons left the ship, followed by torpedoes. The Cruiser type of the Ascension was designed to both bring and take the pain, making it the ideal ship for this task. The Lieutenant delivered a rough volley towards the Gorn ships, which was well placed and caught them before they could bring their shields online. Numerous fires quickly showed on the target Gorn ship after the impact. However, they were soon under barrage from two of the Gorn ships. Their shields were taking a pounding, but Lieutenant Dowski was doing her best to alternate sides of the Sampson to help protect the ship.

They also kept a careful ear on the radio chatter of the fighter pilots, they were able to manage keeping two of the Gorn ships out of the way. But there were three others that were focused on the Sampson. The Executive Officer ordered Lieutenant Hikawa to keep focused on one of their attackers. They were able to eventually weedle down one of the Gorn's ships, which went down in a fiery ball of smoke. However, they had already taken a beating and it was going to take a heck of a lot more to get through this.

They than focused their energy on the next biggest Gorn ship. They were already weakened and their shields were not lasting as long as they had been. During this time, Captain Keyes had came back to the bridge. Although the Executive Officer and the Captain talked briefly, the Captain stayed on the bridge with the Executive Officer. Although the Captain largely left the Executive Officer alone. Although he did feed a few maneuver suggestions to the Flight Control Officer.

Lieutenant Hikawa kept the pressure on the Gorn ship, she barely even seemed stress out by the goings on, she was the epitome of calm. Meanwhile, the Operations Officer and the Flight Control Officers were showing signs of wear and stress, although the Executive Officer maintained an air of calm and did his best to reassure them as well. Soon, Lieutenant Hikawa piped up with, “Sir, theres significant energy build up in the Gorn ship” The Executive Officer took a brief moment and said “Put all available power to the shields” The Operations Officer than stated, “Sir, we've already done that” Flight Control had already shifted the Sampson to the best position they could.

Lieutenant Hikawa opened fire, as much as they could without compromising the shields. She timed it such that when they drained their energy for the blast, the blasts would land when their shields were down. However, the energy blast hit the Sampson in one of the aft corners, tearing open a large section of the ship and the Sampson shuddered violently. A few of the crew got thrown from their stations and the Captain ended up being thrown to the ground, with a structural beam that fell ontop of him.

Lieutenant Hikawa had managed to stay at her station, although her face was battered. Lieutenant Dowski eventually crawled back to her station. The Executive Officer had made his way over to the Captain, the man was fading in and out of consciousness, the Executive Officer yelled for medical... But much to his dismay, there would be no one coming. The Executive Officer tried to patch up the Captain's bleeding, while he told the Flight Officer to keep them from falling out of the atmosphere. To which he got a meak sounding “Sir, our engines are only operating at 5 percent, I will try”

The Executive Officer did not reply as he tried to keep the Captain awake and calm, the man had started to slur his speech, they had some obvious bleeding to the face and extremities. But the Executive Officer knew most of the bleeding was internal. He tried once again to get medical... Nothing. The Captain than stated, “Lieutenant Commander.... listen” The Executive Officer's entire thought process stop, he just stared at the Captain. The Captain than stated, “This is the end of the road, it's your time” The Executive Officer looked baffled, the Executive Officer went to ask a question, but he felt the life leaving the Captain.

The Executive Officer sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, he than stated, “Whats the status with the other ships Lieutenant Hikawa?” The Executive Officer made his way back to the center chair. She than replied with, “Sir, the fighters destroyed one, chased the other one off and the other one is firing up their warp drives” The Executive knew it meant that they were leaving and he was relieved, but he knew it had taken it's toll. He than stated, “Crewman V'Lidiss, get me a casuality and damage report to my PADD and get task force command on screen”

There wasn't much information yet, but the Executive Officer reviewed what the sensors had indicated. There was a dramatic amount of casualties and damage, the Executive Officer hid his shock well, but a few moments later, the face of Vice Admiral Davis came on the screen, he than stated, “Hello Admiral, we are going to have to proceed to dry dock due to damage” The Admiral looked confused for a moment and stated, “Lieutenant Commander, what happened? The Sampson's presence here is critical. Where is Captain Keyes?”

The Executive Officer than stated, “We were ambushed by five Gorn ships, three are destroyed and two bugged out. We took a large energy hit, and Captain Keyes is dead” The Vice Admiral stated, “Proceed to Providence Ship Yards, and I will meet you there. Davis out”

The Executive Officer than stated, “Lieutenant Dowski, get us to the ship yards.” The Executive Officer than took his exit, he had to begin a casualty and damage assessment in person.
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