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Tritter, Michael

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Name: Michael James Tritter

Age: 35

Born: Stuttgart, Germany

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Height: 7'

Weight: 350 pounds

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue


Husband: Ryan Murphy

Children: Ashley (6) and Christopher (4)

Father: Wilhelm Tritter

Mother: Emera Tritter

Brothers: Don Tritter and Derek Tritter

Sister: Valerie Tritter

Languages: German, English

Physical Description

Tall and stocky, Michael has a habit of towering over most and using his size to his advantage. More than slightly manipulative, Michael has no problem bullying bullies to put it lamely. Confident and strong, he has a way about him that can put people at ease or make them nervous, depending on what he wants to do. Always used to being in control, he doesn’t like to not be in control. He’s well built; one can tell he spends a significant amount of his time in the gym, since that is a hobby of his. His build seems to scream about his past career, as a detective.

Personality and Traits

General Overview: Not too much to tell here. Stubborn and assertive at the same time, he expects to get what he wants, but he also expects those around him to follow his orders – he knows what he’s doing and hates being second guessed by others, especially those under him. Issues should be dealt with after the situation is resolved, not during. Anything that delays an effective response to a problem will annoy him. He has no problem culling lazy, ineffective and stupid people from his team. He does not associate himself with mediocrity and expects the same from his team. More than physically capable of handling his own, he won’t hesitate to put someone in their place if they push him or anything of that matter. But he will also respect those who outrank him. It is also not wise to call him MJ, because just may have to kill you for that. He is also known for having a less than friendly appearance, preferring to appear strong and overpowering, no sign of weakness is ever shown publicly.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Not much counts as a weakness for this man, since he prefers to spend his down time with himself. However, one of his main weaknesses is chocolate, although struggling a bit since quitting smoking, as such is no easy task. He hasn't smoked but the desire is still there. At least he no longer smells like an ash tray. He also enjoys shooter games on video game consoles, since it helps him unwind after the day. It is like bar hopping to him, or some other strange past time like that. His strengths are his clear head, focused mind and ability to always think clearly in a problem. Mentally, his strongest issue is with being slapped in the face, that will not jive well with him, but he won’t tell you why unless he trusts you. He was an abused child, and that was the punishment most often used, so do expect him to move away if you raise a hand like your going to slap him. That and look irritated at you. Michael will also avoid social situations like the plague when off duty, spending his time playing video games, talking to his family or his children. A bit on the anti-social side.


He is very ambitious, even though he may not say it or act like it. But he will always excel at whatever he does, so he can move on to bigger and better things. He has no exact position in mind, but as long as he is not bored and feels like he is actually doing something productive (in his mind), than he is ok with wherever he may be. Another goal of his is to actually settle down and have a long-term relationship. Being with semi-random guys has gotten old to him, but he has no regrets that he has used them to get what he wanted and never seen them again. His promiscuous side is dying down at this point in time. That would be a stage he had after getting divorced. He is happy to have found a guy to be serious with for a very long time.

Hobbies and Interests

Shooting, working out, the occasional video game/holo deck exercise, spending time with friends and family

Personal history

Tritter was born in Stuttgart Germany, he is the oldest of four children. His parents were both alcoholics and hard drug users. Both were abusive towards the kids. Tritter often volunteered as "whipping" boy to protect his younger siblings, as for some reason, he felt a need to do so. He spent many nights unable to sleep, covered in welts, bruises and plenty of broken bones. When he was a teenager, he decided to run away, while his parents were wasted on whatever their fix of the day was, he gathered his siblings, and whatever belongings they could find. They made a run for it, eventually settling into an abandoned warehouse, it wasn't much, but they made it work.

One advantage Tritter had was his size, he appeared to be older than he was because of it, he eventually secured employment and a better place for the family to stay. He worked at night while attending school during the day. Eventually he and the siblings would graduate. Tritter joined the police force in the middle of going to college, during that time, he also met a woman. He eventually married her and had his two kids. During that entire time, he had suppressed his desire to be with men, he tried doing the "normal" thing as he thought that was the right thing to do.

He eventually came out to his siblings and his than wife, his siblings supported him without question, which met the world to the man, they were his world, other than his two kids. Naturally, his marriage ended. Not long after that, he went into a very... promiscuous stage, but after a while, that got old and he shifted his focus back to his work and kids. Not long after, he would end up meeting someone special and focusing his energy that way.

Medical History

Tritter has a bit of a... sordid medical history. He is an abused child, he got his first broken bone at age 2, he spent most of his life until age 12 covered in welts, bruises and various broken bones. His medical history is long and not distinguished, but he prefers to not talk about it.

Service Record

Starfleet Academy
Security Officer - USS Gettysburg
Chief Sec/Tac Officer - USS Gettysburg
Starfleet Marine Academy and Officer School
Executive Officer - 95th Marine Company
Company Commander - 95th Marine Company
Battalion Commander - 93rd Marine Battalion

Education and Training

Stuttgart High School and Plainsboro High School
Plainsboro Community College

Past Career/Relevant Training:

Police Academy - Mercer County Sheriff's Office, NJ
Colonel Michael Tritter

Commanding Officer
95th Marine Expeditionary Unit
"Dead or alive, your coming with me"

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