Dexter Reed

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Dexter Reed
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Dexter Reed

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Biographical Information

Name: Dexter Reed

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, Earth

Physical Information

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 150lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel


Father: Mordecai Reed

Mother: Pella Reed

Spouse: Jenna Weiss

Children: None

Other Family: Younger sister: Dina Reed

Physical Description

Medium build, adding on muscles, fair skin, few tattoos: one of his faith, one of his country, one of his homeworld. Clean shaven face, and buzzed hair.

Personality and Traits

General Overview: Bit of a temper, but an all-around well-liked young man. Still maturing for his age.

Strengths: Decent shot on the range. Great teamwork with fellow unit members.

Weaknesses: Worries about home a lot. Freezes up sometimes in battle.

Ambitions: Protect everything precious to him: wife, family, Earth.

Hobbies and interests: Working out, fixing things, playing poker with the others, reading messages from home.

Personal History

Born in sunny San Diego, Dexter grew up with the other kids on the block. He got good grades, a few minor hiccups in High School but nothing serious. Joined the Marines on a dare and actually performed quite well throughout training. He was then elected to be a part of the Space Expeditionary Forces. Married his High School sweetheart before being blasted off into space. He continues to be a model Marine among his peers.

Medical History
Dexter’s most recent medical, psychological, and physical examinations, does not indicate any problems out of the ordinary. Corporal Dexter Reed has proven that he is indeed, ready for active military service and space travel. He is due for examination every year and should be examined aboard the USS Sampson for the duration of his tour.

-Signed, Dr. M. White, MD, Commander, USN

Service Record

Corporal Dexter Reed has distinguished himself among the other marines in boot camp. He has displayed leadership qualities and the makings of a true marine. I suggest that he be given a leadership position the next time the opportunity presents itself. I have every confidence that Corporal Reed will be an invaluable asset to our Space Expeditionary Forces.
-Signed, Stephen Pierce, Staff Sergeant, USMC

Sample Post

Apollo awoke in his dorm room with his communicator going off. He groaned to the sounds of the speeders whizzing by. It must have been Republic troopers doing morning patrol. "Hell, can't they give it a rest?" He rose from his bed and stretched his muscles out. His communicator was still beeping. "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming..." He picked it up and activated it. "Lieutenant Fairwind here." "Ah, Lieutenant, report to headquarters immediately for a mission briefing. Jedi will be in attendance." "Yes sir." Apollo got himself ready, and donned his uniform, making sure he was proper and pressed. He wanted to look good in front of the Jedi and he was. He met with his bunk mate Zak, at the garage, not even indulging in breakfast as he had always done. The pair commuted to Republic Navy HQ and awaited for their meeting. It didn't take long before the mission briefing began and Apollo was assigned his mission priority. Admiral Kee, and Jedi Master Zegima, a Mirialan Jedi, were in charge of this operation and had placed each of the in high regard. The operation had charged Republic Agents with the recruitment of known Grey Jedi and request their aid

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Re: Dexter Reed

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